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Alexa 35 custom lens mount question


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Im making a custom lens mount for the Alexa 35 camera. Its for eyemo lens mount lenses. (Huge demand right now ?) Im not making an adapter to fit the cameras PL mount but a dedicated eyemo lens mount with its own plate to attach to the Alexa 35. The Alexa mini was a bit to tight to make the back of the lens fit but it looks like there's a bit more room behind the lens mount on the Alexa 35. So I wonder if anyone knows the dimensions of the cavity behind the lens mount?

Im interested in two measurements: 1. Depth from the flange where the lens mount plate attaches to the camera to the cover glass (or the gray plate sitting just next to it) (Red arrow in the picture)

                                                                 2. Inner diameter of the first grey plastic ring (Blue arrow)

The Alexa 35 manual only lists the maximum depth of PL/LPL mount lenses. 

Thank you!!

/Björn Köling, Stockholm




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