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O'Connor 2575D Tripod Systems w/CineHD standards & babies & 2 two sets of spreaders (no cases)  - 
Purchased brand new within the last 2 years ago regularly serviced and in very good condition 
Package comes with:
O'Connor 2575D Head
O'Connor Touch and GO Plate
O'Connor Europlate
O'Connor Panhandle
O'Connor CineHD Standard Sticks
O'Connor CineHD Baby Sticks
(2) Sets of O'Connor Floor Spreaders

All purchases comes with a checkout period to verify the equipment is not misrepresented in any way. If you have any questions and interested in this tripod I have more pictures please contact me by Phone/Text 917-499-9596 or email barbara@newprovideo.com 

My website www.newprovideo.com  


Edited by Barbara Holler
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