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Recreating a partial window reflection effect

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How could you recreate these two shots from Lessons in chemistry, photographed by Jason Oldak.


In the first one it seems that the reflection from outside the window is only present where the curtain is. I’m guessing this is because it blocks out the light incident from the room going out, which then allows for the reflection to be more present relative to the darker background.

In the second one the reflection looks like a superposition, which may perhaps just be a balancing of inside and outside lighting.

However I am curious about other thoughts, opinions, tips and experiences in recreating a frame like this.  

Thank you 

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Seems like a natural reflection. Actually the darker background in the room makes it easier to get reflections on the foreground yard compared to having lighter toned curtains, so probably they covered part of the yard being reflected with some black flags to keep it off of the actor area in the room.  Of course, one could add reflections in post instead.  Yes, you need to bring up the interior quite a bit to balance with the reflections.

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