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Converting a double-perf Bolex to Single Perf

Aidan Brook

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Hey everyone ! 

I know this is a topic that's been mentioned on this page before, however I wanted to confirm a few things as it hasn't been addressed in a while. 

I'm looking to convert my double-perf Bolex to single, so it can take Vision3 stock. This is a H16 non-reflex model which I bought for very cheap, so I'm not too worried about the DIY nature of the conversion. I hope to grind down the teeth on the side where they're not needed, however I'm unsure whether I should use a dremel / sandpaper whilst the rollers are still IN the camera, or whether I should try to remove them myself before grinding them down.

I've read a few forums mentioning how the rollers are aligned, and that taking them out might prevent the camera from running properly if they aren't placed back in their exact spot. It would be great if someone could clear up whether this is the case.

I'm also struggling to work out how to remove the rollers, as they seem firmly attached to the camera. 

Would appreciate any guidance on this.

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