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High quality individually addressable LEDs?

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Like the title says, I need to integrate a large number of small LEDs into a set – think fantasy forest with glowing flowers, etc. Ideally RGBW with good color rendering.

Any suggestions for a source? I've found plenty of sources for LED strips, but nothing for individual units that looks decent.




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Not that I know of. All the addressable LEDs I'm aware of, things like the WS2812, are RGB-only devices. They also use pulse width modulation at a rate which is likely to cause flicker problems. 

It's not impossible to think that someone has made something better but I'm not aware of it. You certainly can get individual emitter devices which have RGBW clusters on them. I'm not sure if any of those have a particularly great white emitter but it's possible that with some careful mixing you could end up with something reasonable, I'm not sure. You could also spin your own by clustering the smallest-available surface mount LEDs on a tiny PCB. It wouldn't be as small as a WS2812, but depending what you need it might work  I'm not sure what options there are for tiny driver chips but at least that way you'd have the choice of emitter types and drive electronics. 

All of that assumes you've googled extensively for a high colour quality device that's available off the shelf. As I say I've not come across one but there's a lot of stuff out there. 


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Thanks Phil. WS2811 is more the form factor that I'm looking for because it's easy to extend the wires.

My main issue is that I want colors that are more desaturated, and that isn't great without a white emitter.

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Follow up on my own thread. The best option I have been able to figure out are high density LED strips from companies like Auximer, which can be cut into 16mm units containing 7 LEDs per unit. They are 90 CRI and white only, not RGB. So a colored diffusion would be needed for each unit. That's small enough for my purpose. Of course, that a lot of work to cut and wire everything, but that was to be expected.

They do make RGBWW led strips, with 95 CRI, but they can only be cut into 125mm units.

So there you go. Closest thing I could come to so far. $35 for a 5m strip, which yields 300 units. Next step is to reach out to a couple of these manufactures and see if a custom fabrication run of larger single LEDs is possible. 

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