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"Club Suicide"

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I'm hoping it's going to be ok to post this now as this short film has had several false starts. Mostly due to not haveing a script that was shootable. Looks like it is going to happen now as dates have been set.


"Club Suicide" is a "teaser" short designed to hook financing for a full length feature. Rather than just pull various scenes from the feature script the Director felt we should shoot a short version that will stand on it's own merits and I agree with him. This will allow it to go to festivals etc. as well as show it to investors. The film is about attempted suicide patients.


Right now we are in the early stages of prep. It has been decided to shoot on Super-16 as we have an equipment deal. We discussed 35mm but felt the extra cost of film stock and processing was cutting too deep in the budget and the need for 35mm festival prints is small. I don't want to shoot with HD as we would be forced into using a P+S Technic which the Director and I really don't like or rent DigiPrimes which are very expensive. So everyone agrees that we should just go Super-16 to Spirit to HD.


I've decided to shoot on 7279 for the whole film shooting DAY EXT. by only half correcting with an 81EF and doing the same on DAY INT. with HMI lighting. I might shoot a grey card with an 85B then swap it for the 81. I'm looking for grain and a coldness to the image. Of course some will say just do it in the TK suite, but I believe in doing things in camera and due to our schedule of 3 consecutive weekends we are going to try to use a dailies system each week and I hope to do some tweeking along the way.


There is one scene where we are considering shooting 7285 and cross-processing. I'm not sure how that is going to pan out with the local labs though. So I'm hoping for a test day. The Director, I think, also wants a look at what we can do with it.


Since we are getting a deal from a camera house. I'm asking for everything I can get. Arri SR-3 with a full set of Cooke S4's. Fischer 10, and a 3-ton Grip truck with some HMI and Image 80's on-board.

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It's not related to the Japanese film. It's just a similiar name. The name like everything is subject to change.


The reason I started this thread early is I thought it would be interesting to see what happens to me in the pre-production decision making. So after getting quotes from labs and post houses it seems we might be shooting on HD. But I can't really say for sure yet. It's like the Post budget gets pitted against the production budget.


A day-long conform in a Fire suite for $750 an hour at post house "A" is a lot different from a conform on Avid Nitris or even FCP HD at $550 for the whole day at post house "B." That is what we've been dealing with today. A post house usually gives a huge number then it starts to drop. That big number can bone your entire film stock and processing budget. I'm just the DP so I have to try to fight for what I want. I would hate not to be able to shoot on film just because someone decided to use an expensive post flow.

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Well after much back and forth about producing this script the producer seems to have decided to concentrate on a full feature length script so this short has been scrapped again. :rolleyes:


I made a point about this early on in the process. Features and shorts are not the same thing. Sure they can have the same seed of an idea but they would turn out to be different things if you wrote them as they should be.

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