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Want to set up an editing panel


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Dear all:


I have a little idea about editing software and machines. But I need the expert opinion from any of you. I would like to set up an edit machine. I would like to use DV and HDV camera.


In our country broadcast out put only in DV and Betacam SP. Also we need mpeg file to write in DVD to show rough edits to the clients. Here in Bangladesh most of the editors are friendly with PC based software and few are friendly with MAC based software.


I am looking for less trouble giving machine and long life machine at least 5 years I can work on that. Otherwise my investment will not get back. Which platform and software (PC or MAC) will give me the future opportunity to be in line with coming technology?


Considering price and all other aspect can anybody give me an advice . I will be grateful.


I have received two quotations for both MAC and PC almost same. Followings are the specifications. Can anybody suggest me which machine will be better option for me.


Power PC G5 QUAD

Two dual-core 2.5GHz PowerPC G5 processors

1.25GHz frontside bus per processor

4.5 GB of 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-4200)

250GB Serial ATA hard drive

16x SuperDrive (double-layer)

NVIDIA GeForce 6600 with 256MB GDDR SDRAM


Apple 20" LCD Monitor


Final Cut Studio 5.1


Audio mixter : Yamaha MG 16/4 16-channel audio mixer


And for PC


Processor 3.5 Xeon Intell Original

Mother board (super micro, server, Agp slot 1, Pci slot 5 )

RAM 3giga

Casing Server (duel power supply)

Dual agp (any company)

CSI controller

Scasi Hard disc 70g

Satta hard disc 300gb 2pcs (Raid)


Capture card Canopus NX or Matrox Axion(need HP brand machine)


I am now in Bangladesh. All the IT products usually imported from Singapore, Bangkok or China. For both MAC and PC according to the specification it will cost me around 10,000/= USD (each). I would like to start my business but I am confused which platform I will use for long service and return on Investment. By the way here in Bangladesh editing panel cost 50 USD/hour with machine rental and editor's remuneration.


Any suggestion!



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