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Arri lens control w/ SR3 and SR2


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I'm putting together a camera package around the SR3 or the SR2, and was wondering if anyone knew how the Iris Control Unit works with these. I don't plan on using any other lens control systems than the ICU and the CLM lens motor, and I don't know if I can program the speed ramp into the camera, or if I have to adjust it manually and have the ICU follow it. Can the SR2 be changed smoothly through its speed range while running, or is the SR3 preferable in this respect? And can the shutter angle on the SR2 be changed? I know neither can be adjusted while running. I want to do positive and negative speed ramps, but I would like to use the SR2 because of the price if I can. Any help or experience would be appreciated.

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Greetings Samuel,


You can upgrade an SR2 almost to an SR3, you should check with P+S Technik in Munich or also check with Präzisions Engineering Denz in Munich as well. You will get all the details from them. There is also a company, I think in Florida who represents P+S Technik.

I know with the P+S Technik modified SR2, better known as the evolution, you can do some ramping but it is a while since I have worked with one of them. It is if I am correct rather basic.

Also worthwhile checking is Cinematography Electronics.




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