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John Pytlak Illness

John Pytlak RIP

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As you may have noticed, I have not been participating here on Cinematography.com or other forums during the past few weeks.


On Labor Day, I found signs of severe abdominal bleeding, and had felt increasingly weak the week before. I was admitted to the hospital, and required a transfusion of four units of blood to bring my hemacrit from a low of 20 (normal is above 40). The stress on my heart from the loss of blood precipitated a mild heart attack, as indicated by elevated Trioponin enzyme levels.


I was subjected to a week of testing, including upper and lower GI endoscopy exams. The internal bleeding had stopped, but no definitive source was found, except for an area of "thickened tissue" near the appendix. So a biopsy was taken.


On Friday, September 8, I had two angiograms and a 95% blockage was found in one of my coronary arteries. The blockage was opened with an angioplasty and insertion of a bare metal stent. I was released from the hospital on Sunday, September 10.


Unfortunately, this past Thursday, I received word that the biopsy was positive for cancerous cells. A CAT scan Friday showed two areas of suspicion along the middle small intestine. I will need surgery, but it cannot be done until late October, since I am on blood thinners to prevent clotting around the new coronary stent.


For now, I am feeling well and staying active, but with all the doctor visits, do not have much time to log on to the Internet user groups that I like to help on.


I'm posting this in this topic because this is where I am a most frequent poster.


Hopefully, I will be returning to health again after the surgery. And maybe get back on line during the next month, between doctor visits.


Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.



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Hello John


A friend of mine went through the same illness as you about a year ago. They caught it in the middle stages, but because of the advances in medical care in this era, he still has over 90% full recovery chances. I can't imagine the stress and fear you must feel now, but your chances to recover and still live a very full life are very good.

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As you may have noticed, I have not been participating here on Cinematography.com or other forums during the past few weeks.


You will be in my prayers.


Dear Heavenly Father,


Please return our beloved John to full health. Bless his medical helpers with the skill of you, The Divine Physician.



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Guest Tim Partridge



I too look forward to your return. Thankyou for taking the time to share your news with us, you are in all of our thoughts and prayers.

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