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Size Specifications for a 16m"m Camera - Urgent


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Hi Guys and Gals, happy to be on this forum,


I need to mount something on the BARS that will be used as a shield on the entire front side of the camera, in order to protect her.


I have consulted with cinematographers already about reflections but i dont have a 16m"m camera in my town and i really need the sizes to build it. i need the sizes according to SRII but small differences are OK as long as the BARS are standard size, that is the important part.


I need to know these things - if youre standing inront of the camera:

1) not including a tripod. youre standing infront of the lense - what is the haight and wideth of the camera. I dont need depth, but if you can write it too that can be great.

2) where exactly are the BARS according to the front side of the camera.

For Example: lets say if the cameras haight is 28 cm then the BARS are 7 cm from the bottom and 19 cm from the top, thats is if they are 2 cm in size.

3) what is the size of the BARS. i know there is a standard size.

4) how many cm's are from BAR to BAR. and how much from each BAR to the side of the camera thats close to him.


If there is some kind of blueprint that shows the front size of the camera and all the sizes and specifications that will be great! SRII, though something similar will be alright as well. again, as long as the bars are standard.


Thanks a lot, if by the time ill wake up somebody already answered me ill be a happy man.

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Lightweight support rods (the kind that mount to the front of the camera) are 15mm in diameter and separated from each other at a distance of 60mm center to center. Sliding baseplate rods (the kind mounted on a separete plate beneath the camera) are either 15mm or 19mm and are 100mm center to center. Lightweight rods are less than an inch from the bottom of the camera and the height is about 10 inches. The baseplate rods are about an inch lower.

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