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Canon 1014XL-S sync for a music video playback

Maurizio Zappettini

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I've never used super8 format before. In two weeks I have to shoot a music video using this format. I'll use a Canon 1014XL-S for shooting, then I'll telecine the footage on BetaSP PAL (the format I'll use for the post).

Well I've seen on this camera spec that it shots at 24fps (and not 25 too) and I don't know if it does it in crystal sync or not.

I was wondering how to shot the singer playback in sync.

My first idea is shooting at 24fps and make the singer sing over a version of its song slowed down in its tempo of the equivalent of 1fps. So if he sings slightly slower, when I telecine the 24fps footage at 25fps for PAL, images flow slightly faster and they will match again the sync with the original tempo of the song when I edit. Does anyone know if this method could work? Otherwise what other method can I use to shoot an in-sync playback using this camera?





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