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Underwater 16mm - Help!

Andrea H

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Currently working on a student project, in which I will be shooting underwater with a Kodak K-100, 16mm, has underwater housing. Originally I had intended to do some of the underwater drama shots in Lake Ontario, but it ended up being much to rough and silted for the weekend of the shoot, so I am planning to do it in a pool now. The film that was recommended to me was kodak 7218, and I'm wondering if that will be too high a speed now since I will be shooting in a crystal clear pool now. does anyone have any idea what speed film and aperature settings would be appropriate for your typical pool? (public track pool). I do have 2 underwater lights available, but I had gotten those mostly because I had planned for the lake. No underwater light meter either. Also, the drama that is to be shot in the pool will be rotoscoped out, (the people will be cut out of the footage), does anyone have any recomendations for a film that you could pull a good composite from and manage to shoot underwater with? i'm hoping to get the least grain possible. I'd like to just shoot dv but can't afford the whole insurance/rental housing thing.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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Well, I own the 16mm.. If i went DV I'd need insurance, (500 ish if I could get a sublet), housing rental (something around 150 and up a day), and camera rental (camera I could probably borrow actually)... And I'm only shooting 2 100 foot rolls.. It's for a music video, and the shots won't make up more than 20 seconds..

Unless any of you know where I might be able to rent without insurance?.. Unfortunately my school doesn't cover/offer any for productions like NYU. (I'm in the NYC area).


The rest of it is being shot on a 24p..

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Well, DuArt quoted me .21 cents a foot for proccessing and transfer to digibeta.. thier minimum is 150/hr for mid range color correction and transfer, and he even suggested I bring in a third roll since he thought the 200 feet will be under the minimum 150/hr. I guess my student discount only applies if it's over the minimum (which is 15%).

But really, I am completely new to this film media, so if I'm missing something please let me know..




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Just wondering what shool are you at that will not offer production insurance?

I went to Pratt my self and we had production insurance.


Anyway, I don't know the solution to your problem. However, I would urge you to call some of the rental houses and explain your situation. Some places are willing to let you put a deposit down, which you can then get back upon returning the equipment.


Also put an ad on Craigs List/Mandy maybe someone has a DV camera w/ housing that would be willing to work for a rental/operator fee.


I agree with Phill, shooting DV would be cheaper. However I understand your position as a student. Not having enough resources is just another part of the challenging game that is life.


Best of luck to you.

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