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Filming permits in San Fran


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Hi Folks,


Happy New Year!!!


I wanted to ask if any of you have filmed in San Francisco, particularly film permits? NYC is pretty easy, the department of film is fairly easy to deal with (although recently they altered some rules). Also, any other comments about filming there (i.e. labs, rental) is appreciated. I am writing another script and I am interested in filming there - it's a very beautiful city.


- George Selinsky.

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Wow...19 years later! I had no idea this forum was that old.

Frisco has changed a stupendous amount in 19 years. Anyone shooting in Frisco better have theft insurance for having your gear stolen while you shoot. As well as insurance for lost production if it cannot be replaced due to the robbery. 

I'm not joking. And it is not only Frisco. Any large city where crime is not prosecuted.


Camera Crew Robbed of $35,000 in Gear at Gunpoint in San Francisco | PetaPixel



I'd go into lots more detail, but they don't like politics here. Just work smart people.

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I would just call the film office to get some info. 

I do think it may be worth hiring a cop to babysit a show in SF depending on what youre doing. Even news crews have been robbed for their gear in the past few years, including an incident in oakland where their security guard was shot. 

Im not saying thats the norm, but I dont think I'd be one to use personal gear stealing shots or being in a skeleton crew without hired security of some kind. 

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Wow...the thieves in Frisco are even faster than I thought. I didn't read them all, but one I read said it all happened within a few seconds. And they had hired security!

CNN team robbed while working on San Francisco - Google Search

You want to shoot in Frisco...use a burner cell phone!

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