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Hey folks!


I just wondered if anyone has used one of these filters. I was looking to get one of the Classic soft range to shoot my next short - then came across this one. I have no idea how much it 'warms' the shot, and whether or not it actually changes the color much, but I am considering getting hold of one ;)

See it here.



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I've sort of given up on pale warming filters; half the time, the colorists remove it and I'm trying to get it back later so I'm essentially starting from scratch anyway; it's simpler to just shoot a grey scale with a pale blue gel on the light or camera and get warmed-up dailies that way.


I guess for a video camera, it makes more sense as a quick way to warm-up a shot, though I find the shade a bit pink-ish.


Plus for shots in a sequence where you don't want any diffusion, you have to carry the same warming filter as is built into the warm diffusion filter, whether it is an 812 or whatever.

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