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I just droped a lens! Someone put my mind at ease

Steven Grant James

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Hey folks!


I was just trying to remove the original lens from my Bolex EBM when it slipt from my grip and fell the floor. It made quite a loud thud.


Now it appears to be okay but I have no idea how strong this thing is. Could it be damaged inside? Am i worrying too much? I sure hope I am.


I rekon this kind of thing must happen to all of us at one point but I was uncertain as to how fragile most leneses (especialy older ones) are.

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Start by turning the focus and stop rings through their entire range -- zoom too if it's a zoom. Do they all feel the same? If it takes screw in filters on the front, do they feel the same when you put them on and take them off? Look at the iris as you run through the stop range, does it still look the same? Are there any parts rattling around inside?


If it passes all those tests, it's not likely to have suffered more than perhaps knocking it a little out of collimation. Shoot a little test, and if it doesn't look the same as before, take it to a shop that can do the collimation for you.





-- J.S.

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