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Shooting on Ice

Jason Wert

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I'm producing a shoot where we would like to get a jib and a dolly onto an ice surface at a rink. Has anyone ever done this here?

I'd love some advice regarding stabilizing the track etc. so I can begin to track down specialty equipment if I need to.

Thanks in advance.

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I shot on ice for a feature this last November. I specified some ice skates for my doorway dolly that my key grip built for me:






Some notes:

  • The dolly is only as smooth as the ice surface. We experienced some bumpy rides along the edges of the rink.
  • Consider whether or not to Zamboni the ice surface. Newly surfaced ice is very shiny and very slick. We left the surface frosted over from the previous night so it had a matte surface (good for suppressing hot spots) and good grip for the crew (avoiding the need for spiked shoes (and their inherent noise.) Note, there are special, foam-soled ice shoes you can also equip your crew with.


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