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Replacing the globe in a baby solarspot

Eric Dinger

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I just got a baby solarspot and it needs a new globe, should be easy enough, but whats the right way to get into the thing! Do I pull the box thing (has the switch and light control) off the bottom, pull the front apart, take the lens out?


Also when using Fresnel's if the lens get touched with bare hands do they have to cleaned like bulbs?

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Looks like you may be right, didn't notice that the lens was only held in place with 1 screw and a clip. The guy I bought if from thought you pulled the bottom off of it, but that looked difficult/involved to change a globe.


Now, do I have to worry about touching the lens?


Sorry if these seem like simple questions, I've only used open face lights up until now.


If I recall, it's easier to remove the fresnel lens. Besides, the lamp go in front of the rear reflector, so doing it from the back wouldn't make sense. Let me know if I'm wrong...sorry, don't have one right in front of me to confirm :)
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No don't take anything apart !


Facing the light there is a pin on the right, pull it down and swing the door containing the fresnel lens open. Bring the lamp forward to the spot position for easy access. The EGT or EGR lamp will come out with a twist of the base. Put new one in, careful not to touch the quartz glass as you know. (there is a plastic sheath over the glass on new bulbs. Swing the door shut.




ps make SURE there is NO power to the light, do NOT assume it's off if the switch is off, *every* light I have ever changed the lamp on I personally physically see it is not plugged in, I have never relied on someone saying so etc

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