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Panasonic GH1 and rolling shutter?

Eugene Sung

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Any one here film with the Gh1 yet? I heard the rolling shutter problem isn't too bad with this camera, but wanted to hear from someone who has actually worked with it. I'm going to use it primarily for video.


I've been editing a bunch of footage shot with the Canon 5D and the rolling shutter on it is HORRIBLE. IMO, because of this problem, I would not buy it.


But the GH1 seems more promising.

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Hi Eugene: By most accounts the Panasonic GH1 records less "jello" artifacts typical of rolling shutter compared to many other CMOS cams, but like most CMOS cams it does record "flash band" rolling shutter artifacts. The GH1 does record some jello, but it may be acceptable for many productions.


I use the word "record" here because what you see on a cam's built-in LCD or VF display may not accurately reflect what a cam records to its media (memory card, disk, etc.) It's not unusual for the small screens built-into the cam to display artifacts of their own, separate from the cam's sensor & processing capability.


P.S.: Early reports are that pre-production versions of Canon's new 7D cam records far less rolling shutter artifacts compared to their 5DM2 and many other CMOS cams. However, we'll have to wait until final versions of the 7D actually starts shipping in a few weeks to see how it actually performs in this regard. But so far, the 7D is looks very promising and may have some useful advantages compared to the less-expensive GH1.


See also:


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