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First reel for up coming DOP (Melbourne, Australia)

Reinis Traidas

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Hi there,


I've just recently graduated the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia as cinematography major. I've shot a few short films over the years in film school. I recently shot my graduating project (a 14 min film) on RED ONE and a short project on 35mm. All other work is 16mm.


Please take a look at my reel - it's the first one I've ever made and I'm still not sure how to do "reels". I don't think I'm a great fan of reels, because they don't really let you showcase the mood of the film, the editing and how your choice of angle helps it. Regardless, I've tried to include some variety. Any criticism is welcome.




Just briefly about myself - apart from my bachelor degree I've interned at a rental house as assistant prep tech for a couple months and I've interned as video assistant on an Australian feature that got into Sundance 2010 program. I've also just recently returned from the Budapest Cinematography Masterclass 2009 led by Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC.


Again, any comments welcome re: site or reel or both. My reel is also available on my site that I just put online - http://reinistraidas.com


Thanks guys! Give feedback! There's no other way for me to know if my reel does what it's supposed to do!

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Hey Reinis,


I tried to watch your reel but the file is so big or there is a problem with vimeo, that I gave up after 20 seconds.

My broadband downloads at an average of 18mb's.

However I really liked what I saw in those 20 seconds.


Btw, the luminosity from the white background on your site makes it really hard to view your reel.




P.S I'll try again

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Its your site that renders a slow donwload....


Your stuff is really nice.

Your camera work has sensitivity and nice pace.

Some of your lighting needed a bit more attention (like the girl in the car at the beginning....too much fill) but you also have some lovely lit moments.

So all in all it's good stuff.

Edited by Serge Teulon
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Its your site that renders a slow donwload.....


Hey, thanks for your feedback. Yes, the girl in the car shot is a bit overlit :) It was my first considerable 16mm project, I have learned much from it :)


The site shouldn't be too slow. Even if it is slow, all you're downloading from it is the text and graphics. The video itself is hosted by Vimeo, so it should download/stream like any other Vimeo video. Odd that it was slow. It seems to play fine from where I am. Oh well maybe it's an isolated connection issue.

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Reinis I'm currently in a similar situation as you. Also from Melbourne.

I was wondering how you got the job at cameraquip?

You have a impressive reel and CV and you worked with Adam Arkapaw he is a great DOP


Hey, thanks. It wasn't a job, more like an unpaid internship. I was hiring some film gear and said I was really interested in shooting film. They liked me I guess and offered me to come and learn more about film cameras and lenses.

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