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Two DPs for the price of one!


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we are two DPs who have worked together for the last 6 feature films and are looking for a project since the one which we've been working on now hasn't worked out for us and thus we are unexpectedly free.


Our CV can be seen at http://www.stilfabrik.at and I can send you more stuff that we've shot if you contact us directly as some stuff hasn't been published yet.


The most recent project we've worked on was the first english feature by Ong Bak director Prachya Pinkaew starring Kevin Bacon and Djimon Honsou as 2nd Unit DPs.


We can also be hired as camera operators with our RED M-X.


Feel free to contact us if you're looking for DPs or camera operators, our rates adjust to the budget the film has and we can talk about everything as long as the story is right.


so long,




Andreas Thalhammer and Xiaosu Han

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Very well as one of us takes the role of an operator controlling the frame and one takes the roll of the DP behind the monitor having an eye on the lighting. The director can talk to both of us seperately and will get the same answer most of the time and if he communicates with one of us both will know. Also, while one is setting up one shot the other one can think ahead what to do for the next one. Additionally if for example tracks can be laid for the next shot one of us can go with the key grip to get the position right and the other one finishes the recent shot.


Every director we've worked with for now has been confused before shooting, but after the first half day they love it.


So yes, works really well.

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