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Help for a French student coming to LA?

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Hi everyone !


I’m a 23-year-old French cinematography student from a Belgian movie school called IAD. I just finished my second year (out of 3) and I’ve decided to mix learning and travelling by coming to Los Angeles in August to see how you guys work in the US! I’ve already found an internship in a color grading agency (Dirty Robber) but I’m also looking to attend and possibly intern on some productions. It can be movies, music videos, documentaries, TV shows… I’m interested in everything! I would love to meet camera assistants, cameramen/women, DPs and art directors. Even if it’s just for a talk around a cup of coffee.


I’m still learning, so I don’t have a showreel with impressive work yet. I have experienced many production sets this past year as camera assistant, camerawomen and DP, both on school and outside-school projects, with 16mm film and digital (including Red ONE and SLR cameras). In my studies I have a more literaturish background so I’m not a camera geek (yet), but I’m discovering a new world and I enjoy it so much! I’m yearning to learn and hard work doesn’t scare me.


Anyway, I’ll be in LA from August 3rd to Sept 2nd so if you need an intern on a production or if you’ll be willing to talk to me about your work, you can answer me here or contact me at alicia.fisch@gmail.com


Looking forward to meeting you!



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