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Skip Town - Short film

Sing Howe Yam

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Finished film I lensed last year. It's a short film/experimental music video for Nico Muhly (scored the film "The Reader" and plays a good bit with the Dirty Projectors)


Let me know what ya guys think! Happy trails!


Camera: Arri 3

Lenses: Zeiss Super Speeds MKIII

Stock: Fuji 8563 & 8573



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i loved the cinematography and production design, but why is it edited like this? who directed this thing? i felt like the music has a comic tone which the film lacks completely. i don't mean to be harsh, and i do love the cinematography (the way you catch the sunlight), but i lost my interest 30 seconds into the video.


if i were given such a piece of music, i would have shot it in a more playful manner with lots of color (definitely a different kind of script). i wouldn't go for such a gritty and intense visual piece.

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Simply Amazing. Even more amazing are the comments on vimeo:


Looks like an expensive camera was used, maybe something like a Sony or a Canon. Probably edited on a Macintosh. However, hard to believe this is what passes for brilliant nowadays--no offense intended.


I agree with you that this was probably edited on a Macintosh.


The same editing can be accomplished on a PC ;)


That is total bs, no offense, please, no offense intended, but there is NO WAY this could've been edited on a PC... I'm sorry man, don't mean to be argumentative, but I'm just not having it.


Anyhow, I am almost able to suspend belief, until the night scene, in which I wonder where all the light is coming from.

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