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Thursday nights 4th episode of Season 3 has a little more action than usual, even a short car chase.

It was also the first time this season that some DSLR footage was used. I'll be interested to see how that looks on the HD broadcast. This was my 2nd episode and I pushed the lighting contrast a little more than on Ep 302 'the box'.

Behind the scenes questions welcome after it airs.



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Which DSLR, and on top of that, what kind of lenses were you using on it? I just shot a bit with the 5D, which was, well, interesting.


We used a 5D MkII and my 7D for a few short shots in the show. Lenses were usually the 24-105 f4 zoom or a 16-35 zoom.

A couple are in the promo in the car chase.


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I could spot the DSLR footage from last night's episode. The car chase scene had a POV shot through the windsheild

of the villian. I notice HD-like vertical lens flares and the 'GAMMA' of the image looked different.

If you mean a POV looking out of the windshield at an oncoming car you are correct. All shots of the actors in the cars were film. There is also a film camera shot like that used as well.

There were 6 more shots in the show.


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I've not seen the episode yet (still catching up with season 2!), but I was just wondering how shooting with the DSLR's affected your lighting set-ups in comparison to the other cameras, if you changed them at all??



Hi Rich,

Its a good question, except that they are rarely used on their own, but mixed into scenes which I have already lit for the 35mm film cameras. Its more a case of getting the exposure correct based on how I know they show gets color corrected in the Final. The DSLR's simply record in h.264 with more of a Final level of contrast, so I just do that by eye based of what I hope the complete scene to look like in the end. I set them at approx the same ISO , although on our show its seems that I add about 1/3 of a stop in sensitivity.

The DSLR footage is mostly short shots and so far they have cut in fairly well.


I also occasionally shoot some stills with my same camera for reference. In post, or just for contrast evaluation.



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