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Need Help on finding an AC pouch

Christopher Ragozzino

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I'm Just starting out as a Camera Assistant and I want to buy a pouch that suits my needs. I've looked at the setwear and cinebags puches, but they both use velcro to open and close. This is no good since im always opening my bag while were rolling and it makes way too much noise.


Does anyone know of any pouches that are zipper accessible? besides the Portabrace pouch (which is awesome, but its $155!)





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Gotcha. Portabrace is the only one I know of that does not use velcro. Filmtools, ARRI, Lindcraft, CineBags, and Setwear all have velcro.


I feel like a zipper will be too loud. If I were you. I'd get another piece of velcro and cover the flap side rendering it useless. Then I would sew a magnet on the flap side and on the pouch side. Or maybe you could place the magnet(s) in between the velcro. So you'd have male velcro ---magnet---female velcro on the flap & female velcro---magnet---male velcro.

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