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20 year old unprocessed super-8 film

Guest Jim Murdoch

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Guest Jim Murdoch

A few days ago I was given a old Canon Super-8 camera that had belonged to my late brother. There was a roll of Kodak 50ASA film in it that had been exposed but he must have never have gotten round to sending in for processing. The expiry date was 1984!


Is there any chance that the film will still have an image on it? If I remember correctly, the processing was included in the purchase price of the film, but how long will they honour that for? Or is there something that can be done if the lab is warned in advance that it is old film?

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I've had still film done from around the late seventies. One roll they processed straight and it was very dark. I found another one later and had it pushed two stops and it was a lot better but definitely deteriorated. The best thing though was it was like a time capsule and brought long forgotten memories back.


I would warn the lab what it is and have it end tested if possible and decide whether and how much to push.

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Guest Y.M.Poursohi



If you want to process old super 8 film stock there is Rockey mountain film labs, they are the only place that I know of. Naturally they would charge more for old film than the current K-40 film. Here is their info


Email: info@rockymountainfilm.com


Postal Address:

Rocky Mountain Film

560 Geneva Street

Aurora, CO 80010, USA


Telephone: 303 364 6444


FAX: 303 340 3449


You might still get the exposed image on the roll and maybe with some telecine, you could adjust the colors.


Hope this helps


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