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Handles for the ET Quasar 3D rig

John Waterman

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As a 1st camera assistant and certified 3d rig technician, I have had the opportunity to work with the Element Technica Quasar Beamsplitter 3D camera rig to create stunning 3D pictures.


In an effort to help make 3D productions faster and easier for the camera team, I am offering the Water Horns, a set of four handles that mount to the Element Technica Quasar 3D rig without modification. These handles allow a fully built 3D camera (weighing 100+ pounds) to be easily and effectively repositioned while protecting the delicate alignment of the beamsplitter and cameras.


The Water Horns are also an effective and elegant mounting place for monitors, cinetapes and other camera accessories. By mounting the camera monitors to the Horns, the IO and convergence knobs are much easier to access for 3D alignment.


The Water Horns features:

• Attach with no modification to the Quasar frame

• Comfortable placement and grip

• Supports the 3D rig at its center of gravity

• Handy attachment points for monitors and camera accessories

• Handles can be removed quickly if needed

• Elegant contoured design

• Machined, anodized aluminum construction

• Cable-management clasp


Please check out my webpage at http://daufenbachcamera.com/waterhorns.php for pictures and details of these handles. I hope you and your clients will love these handles as much as we do! Best regards,

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