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Panavision Primo's

Rob Webster

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Hey All,


On a show on Monday shooting on the 1d using Pana Primo's (go figure). I'm assuming the spherical primes; as it will be my first time assisting (1st AC) with these lenses was just wondering whether there was anything I should look out for, anything essential I should know about the operation or behaviour of these lenses, from the position of keeping it all safe and sharp. I'm guessing they are going to be a bit of a pain in terms of support, especially with such a small camera. Anyone used these with a 1d/5d before? Do they operate in any different way to say a Zeiss SS or Cooke S4?


Any advice would be a great help.


Cheers chaps,



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Did a job with the 5D using Zeiss Compact Primes and the focus was always slightly out compared to the markings on the lens. So what was sharp at 5' would actually be marked on the lens at 5' 6" or whatever.


The puller said it might be due to the adaptor and positioning of the sensor in the camera, wether thats true or not im not sure about…


So might just be worth double checking all the witness marks on the lens line up before shooting!

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Thanks for the advice chaps, unfortunately I'm only on dailies and the check out has already been done. I requested to have access to the kit one hour before call time to retake witness marks, but the kit isn't arriving untill call time, which is obviously completely unhelpful.


Either way, when using DSLR's and mount adapters I'll never take the lens markings as a given. I guess I'll just have to re-do my witness marks throughout the day as and when I get a moment and hope there is no on-the-fly hand held inbetween.


Any last words of advice?



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And I mean specifically the business with the blue and yellow aperture marks. Is this only on the older primo's?


If the iris is set at one of the stops that is blue, use the blue hash mark for your focus scale. If it is set at one of the stops that is yellow, use the yellow hash mark for focus. If it is set in between, use an imaginary (or make your own), hash mark the same split in between the focus hash marks and use that.

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