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Using a DSLR as a light meter...

Niall Conroy

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Just a thought...if I can't get my hands on a proper light meter, so decide to use my DLSR (canon 60D) - do you think one could get a semi-accurate example of what the exposure may look like?


So lets say i'm shooting with some 100D at 24fps - Could I take my DSLR, set the ISO to 100 and the shutter speed to 40(apparently the elmo's shutter speed is 39, but 40 will do) and then mess with the aperture till i get an exposure i'm satisfied with - could I then just manually set the elmo with this aperture and be confident that it will produce an accurate exposure?


I guess I could test this by seeing what the automatic exposure says on the elmo and then cross referencing it with my DSLR exposure...


anyone ever tried this?

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I worked with a DP who used a meter as well as a DSLR to judge his exposure. We were shooting 250D and 500T. I'd venture the guess that you can probably get close enough but if you're shooting on film get a meter and if don't want to spend a lot of cash get a Sekonic Studio Deluxe.


oh great, nice to know. did you ever see if the DSLR work-flow paid off? i.e. the rushes looked well exposed?

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