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marine platform

Bagath Singh

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Hi Bagath,


I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "platform"... but we shot in the Molokai Channel on Jurrasic Park 3 on a variety of different boats and barges. The piece of equipment that made everything do-able was the Libra Head. It performs pretty well on water, and the Molokai Channel is noted for being some of the roughest water in the Pacific.


The Libra kept a stable and consistent horizon while we were either moving or just bobbing around like corks. I highly recommend this item for any kind of water work where you are looking for a stabilized image.


Good luck!



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+91 9820299407


I build marine rigs, underwater rigs and am a certified underwater welder, having been a commercial diver before becoming a grip.


I also build gyrostabilised gimbal mounts.


Shelly Johnsons suggestion of a Libra 3 is a good one. You can set an auto horizon.

Barges can be used as a platform for a crane to mount the Libra onto.




Sanjay Sami

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I'm afraid I'd have to answer your question with a question, what are you trying to do? If you don't really know what your are looking for or trying to do then you have NO business in the ocean with a cast/crew.


You want the most stable platform in the ocean? Go find a pier.


Much of the water work on those Pirate movies with Captain Jack took place on a boat that was moored 10 feet from the dock. The truth is when the seas are unruly there is no way to fight it.


Yes, the Libra Head is the remote head to use in the ocean. Guess what, they break down too. My strongest suggestion is planning, planning, planning. Have a strong pre-vis or storyboard so you can figure out exactly what you need to do for any given sequence. Remember, the logistics of working on the ocean are fairly complex. Where is your crew going to eat, use the bathroom? Where will all your lights, camera, and grip gear be stored? Who will shuttle all these crew members from boat to boat? People get hurt, sick, and clumbsy both cast and crew. I hope you really put some thought into what you are doing out there.


With enough money and time I could put together just about anything you want. If you want a platform that you can mount to a construction crane, which will be on a massive barge that you need to auto-level with the oceans swell and is stout enough for a 30' Technocrane and two crane ops at the end, just let me know. I just happen to be running a special deal on one =)


Good Luck,


John D. Miller

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