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Orwo N74 Plus or Double X?

TW Foley

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For the 16mm stocks, which do you prefer for low light such as night exteriors or night interiors? Early morning? Afternoon?


How does the Orwo look pushed to 800? How does Double X look pushed to 400? Or are they better off rated at the manufacturer's recommendation?

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I have two cans of Double X and two cans of Orwo N74 plus, both 16mm. I've posted questions regarding these two stocks before, and have got some great advice, but a lot of them are subjective so I'm a little mixed up. anyway, I'd like some unbiased advice (if possible) on using these two stocks.


I am shooting night exteriors, night interiors, afternoon exterior, and early morning (dawn) exterior. My lighting consists of available light, plus compact fluorescent bulbs (120-300 watt equivalents) I'm shooting on an Aaton XTR prod super 16.


Is there a huge difference between these stocks? Is one grainier than the other? How do they hold up if exposed at the manufacturer's suggested ISO (Orwo-400, Kodak 200T/250D)? How do they hold up if rated below/higher than the suggested ISO and pulled/pushed processed?


I was thinking of using the ORwo for night exteriors since it's already rated at 400 and can push it to 800. And I would use Double X for interiors and the daytime shots.


Does it really just come down to how much grain I want or don't want?

Again, please try to be as unbiased as possible.

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Just got my first rolls of N74 ORWO back from cinelab. Can't post due to celeb content but I can say I'm real happy with the results and don't think you'll have to push the stock for your night scenes


I accidentally rated it at 250 for tungsten... It's actually 320 . I was shootIng a Cooke 9-50 t2.5 at about a 3....meter was rating @2.8... Fairly low light interior with strong backlight on the subjects, key was a 650 bounce


I was tempted to push but glad I didn't ...lots of shadow detail with great highlights


I bet if you had some fast primes and lit 56k you'd have great results for your night time scenes


It is grainy but with a bit of grain management software you could subtract a bit if you found it too distracting

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The butterflies (Actually they are Moths) are Orwo-74 pushed one stop and graded in such a way that the blacks are basically at 0-ire but not pushed down, the walk through the lab is very overexposed in some places and I set the DaVinci so as not to clip either the highlights or the blacks. I did not denoise the film in any way (either with the DVNR on the DaVinci or with Neat Video, etc. in post) I tried to put this up as a quick real world example of the 74 stock stretched i.e. in low light pushed and overexposed.


I am shooting a new music video right now and I am using the Orwo-74 as normal in the same situation with that Moth Zoetrope so I will put some of that footage up soon.



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Thanks Robert

N74 is such s good choice for the conditions I was shooting under. I was shooting behind the scenes for a music video. The video was shot in s dark bar lit for 800 Asa for an Epic/Scarlet shoot and it was lit tungsten... So Kodak 200 speed was not really an option


I was lucky in that my subjects really worked with the grain and texture... My subjects were Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, John Andrson and John Rich


I didn't think I was allowed to talk about the shoot but Willie has a news story about the shoot on his website


When/if allowed ill post some clips

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