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Suspending Kino tubes

Bill Totolo

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I'm lighting a 40 foot by 40 foot stage against black drapes.


Part of the set design is bare Kino tubes of various lengths suspended perfectly vertical in mid-air.

We're thinking of using trick line from the grid and fishing line taped to the floor.

There won't be anyone in post painting out wires.


Any other ideas would be appreciated.


Thank you,

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I assume you have to have people in there with it, otherwise the trick might be to rig it all at 45 degrees and cant the camera over, then people will look for the wires in the wrong place. Or rig them horizontal and look up into it, so the wires are behind the tubes. But that only works if you don't need people. I guess most of the tricks for this are quite reliant on the situation.


I guess the power cables will be more obvious than the suspension lines, unless you can somehow surround the entire building with enough of an RF field to light them up. Which you can't, without microwaving the crew.

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Great "out-of-the-box" thinking, Phil.

I should have mentioned there will be performers in the shot, crossing in front of the tubes.


Figure we'll tape the wires behind the tubes, which will also help control the spill.

Hopefully black trick line 30' from camera, zoom set to 19mm, shot againt black drapes will help disquise our gag.


Other ideas welcome.

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