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Search and Find footages from Cities all over the world

Lotfa Tara

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Hi Guys,


just wanted to let you know that I created an open group on Linkedin.com where you can request any shot from a city or a place in the world. If any member lives in this city or place, he can then provide the desired shot.


World Cities Shots has just been created, so this is a young community I would like you to join so we can grow together from many Countries and Cities all over the world and share our loving city for Short films for example, and help every film maker to locate its story in another place even if shot locally.


I had this idea since I am directing and producing my first Korean movie (located in Korea with Korean actors and Korean lines, but still, shot in Paris !). So I first tryied to find contacts in Korea and I had the thought that what I wanted to do is looking for an answer for every film maker that imagine a story at the other end of the world.


World Cities Shots is a free DSLR shots exchange community where every souls can ask and be provided from cities or places he's dreaming of for its movie.


Please, feel free to discuss here any suggestions about the concept.


I really hope you'll join us !


Linkedin open group page : http://worldcitiesshots.chezlotfai.com

The Facebook Page (feed from Linkedin) : http://www.facebook....orldCitiesShots

The Vimeo Group : https://vimeo.com/gr...orldcitiesshots






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