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I am shooting several action scences using a green screen behind the action. This will be a 3 camera shot; 1st camera left at a 45 degree facing center stage, 2nd camera set center stage and the 3rd camera right facing 45 degrees facing center stage. All camera's are locked and spaced equally apart. How or what plug-in (if needed) to After Effects or Premeire Pro would I need to create a seemless movement interacting with all 3 cameras. The transition movement needs fast from camera 1 to 3 and slower in different action parts. In other words, I am would like the 3 camera's to work as one, and I manipulate how I want each scence to look; like the Matrix, but with constant video movement. No still images that rotate to different angles. I look forward to advice, tips, recommendation, etc... If their is a answer I know y'all wil help.

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The Matrix bullet time effect was done with many SLRs all lined up, fairly close together, to get that effect. This would probably require extensive 3D modeling to get a seamless movement from cameras further apart.


One idea would be to add more cameras into the mix, let them all roll, sync up the footage in the edit, and then make cuts.



Or... couldn't you just dolly the camera?

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I have heard of bulet time effect, but have never used it. I will be working alone with a low budget. I will shoot 10 scence with 1 person each scene doing a series of karate moves (called a "Kata"). With that said, I will have the 3 video camera's within 8 ft apart locked down. The camera's positions will all overlay parts of the scene; they will be genlocked for syncing. Stating the above and all camera setting and height will be the same, do you think bullet effect would work? Would bullet time work with as a 3 camera set-up in in After Effects? Do you have an Idea how extensive this effect would take to create? Then maybe create a template for the scene to re use?

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This is how the bullet time effect was done: http://www.elcraneo.8m.com/images/bullet_time.jpg


And if you try to do something similar with video cameras 8 ft apart, you're obviously going to be missing some visual data when moving between the cameras, so some effects work needs to be done. Exactly what that is, I'm not sure. I know sports presentations have been doing something like it, but the players kinda go into paper figure mode and they angle to a different camera. So it exists, but not sure if that's what you'd be looking for.

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That is exactly what it will be. Fast, capturing one position as they move quickly to another position. So bullet time sounds like the beginning of the creation. What is a good morph software that hopefully works in After Effects or Premeire Pro (all with latest CS6 version)

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Twixtor uses optical flow based interpolation - a kind of 2D morph - I think the algorithms are licencened in more than one product also (?).


As for 3D scene reconstruction poke your nose around companies like 2D/3D - the group behind boujou and so on.


I bet there are many more examples, I haven't kept up and I've only looked at it out if interest in the past.

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