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Hey Gang,


I just purchased a Canon Scoopic MS off eBay. It came loaded with a Pro DV. 6X Wide Angle Adapter on the lens. I've shot a test with it on to test out the camera itself, I will have to do another without this adapter lens. This film is currently at the lab so I've yet to see it. When the lens is on the camera I can not use the zoom feature but it appears (at least thru the viewfinder, to me) that it is wide angle lens. (I am used to K3's so when you want a wide angle you get a Peleng 8mm fisheye or a Zenitar 16mm fisheye lens.) With the Pro DV .6X Wide Adapter on my lens the focus is for just

I was wondering if this would make my camera a wide angle lens, but by how much? What is Pro DV .6x Wide Angle Adapter C62766? Is this similar to a Wide Angle lens adapter?


P.S Has anyone ever used or have for sell a Canon Scoopic 400ft magazine adapter. The Scoopic takes CP 16r magazines and Mitchell 400ft Magazines, any one have a spare one of these they wanna get rid of ?

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I have a 400' adapter and probably some mags. You'd have to track down the drive belt but I'm sure those are fairly easily found; I think they are a standard size like on Mitchels. The light seals on my adapter have all been re-done by Bernie at Super 16, Inc. There's an internal film guide that's shown in the instructions of the adapter but I've never seen one...I believe there are work arounds for it or it might not actually be needed.


Just so you know, it's a really difficult and cumbersome setup for a Scoopic with a 400' adapter and mags...you'd be better off picking up an Arri SR by far if you're looking for 400' loads.


Scoopics are great cameras for what they are meant for; running & gunning so to speak. More like a Super 8 camera on steroids. I love them but an SR or LTR/XTR will shoot circles around them on steadiness.

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i have a cp16r that we are going to use with 15,000 feet of 16mm film stock to shoot our film.the cp16r has a angnx zoom 12x120,but i have seen in photos a nikkor to cp16 adapter,,i have never seen on for sale,,white house had a gzmo nikkor adapter but they say it only works with gzmo,i would love to buy or rent this adapter to use nikon lenses on the cp16r,,i have looked at the huuuge selections of lens adapters that have popped up for digital cameras like micro 4/3s.but,,,,,,not one company has made a adapter for the cp16r,,there is even a nikkor prototype if they needed one of this adapter but nooo,,,,even when the cp16r is still being used by indie film makers because of it sound qualities and toughness and still many parts for this camera dispite the cp16r lens mount not being the most popular or the few lenses that fit it.so,,why has not one company made an adapter for this camera mount???if anyone has a nikkor adapter for cp16r to rent or sell,,we would love to rent it or buy from you for our upcoming film shoot,,and maybe we could look into manufacture of the adapter for retail.it shouldnt be that hard a prospect and maybe make some money on a adapter for the cp16rs that are still being used to shoot short and feature 16mm films. thnx, s.

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