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Look, kid, no one wants to start off on a bad foot. IF you have any talent, you may actually get some interest and may want to work with these folks sometime down the line so alienating them for no good reason what so ever probably isn't you best first movie. BTW, I never said these people wouldn't help. I said they wouldn't give you or anyone else for that matter, money, and who would blaim them? they're working stiffs so it would be unfair to ask them. I, myself have had working professionals help me often. I just recently completed a four and a half min. sizzle reel for "The Hunted", a script we're working to get financing for. Mel Kekuewa who worked on Star Trek 1 and 4, Cocoon, Gung Ho, American Flyer, Day After Tomorrow, Committed and Glory Road just to name a few acted as cinematographer and Richard Glass who worked on 'Predators" acted as special effects. Don Ceislik, who does a ton of local post sound did sound and music and Rene Cadena who works at a television affiliate color corrected and edited it. ALL did it on a deferred pay agreement and that was only because I insisted they get paid even if it was deferred as most initially declined the idea of being paid for the work. That reel has moved the project much further forward and we are now getting some real interest. We even have a representative headed out to Cannes to pitch the film for us so never underestimate the value of having professionals to lend a hand and treat them accordingly.


This site has an enormous amount of practical advice and information that will prove invaluable in your career particularly if you don't plan to attend film school. You can literally learn almost everything you need to know, here and on similar sites. However, if you want funding, this is not where you need to look. Quite frankly, I don't think there really is a site for what you're trying to do otherwise I'd be looking for it so I could attend Cannes this year. I might suggest a loan, credit card, borrowing from friends and family and selling off some things you probably like but can do without or more likely a combination of all that. 3000 grand is a lot of money but not an insurmountable amount of money. Maybe you could find some cheap air fare by trying to get a standby flight, see if you could qualify as a courier, buy a ticket off the internet from someone who can't go. Stay in a hostel, eat one meal a day. First time I went to AFM, I shared a room in the cheapest motel I could find 'cause I didn't have the money to go either, but in a way, it's all part of the experience.


Oh, Richie, COOL!! I thought you didn't get "Dark Reprieve" into Walmart, or was that just initially? Either way, that's great! See what happens when you get to to the point of being a director with clout!

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BTW, another smart ass comment that didn't need to be said and again, what movies did you make that are for sale at Walmart right now?

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Congrats James and thanks for the advice. This site has always been helpful, I it just came as a surprise and comments were made. If I could I would just delete this whole post.

Look, I like hutzpa but just remember, this BIG industry is made up of a surprisingly small community, that's kinda why everybody is so nice, you don't want to piss off someone you might really need to get to work with you if you can avoid it. Just stay cool, man. Listen and you'll learn. Take it for what it's worth.


You're in Arizona so even if you miss Cannes, you still have time to hit AFM which is the second biggest market after Cannes so nothing to sneeze about. You're probably lookin' at about $1500 bucks to attend all the conferences, get an industry pass, hotel and food AND it's in Santa Monica with is weirdly similar to the French riviera with the exception that everyone speaks English....well, for the most part.

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