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I've been asked to create some how-to videos for a hearing aid company, and they have indicated they need to have their product (little hearing aids) slowly rotation and appear to be floating in space on a basic white background.

Like this:https://www.hihealthinnovations.com/

(click the videos on that main page)

I have Google searched and Google searched and have found nothing that helps me try to figure this out--so I figured I should just ask some pros.

Hope to see a reply soon :)

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You could maybe find something to rotate it on, create a pedestal type thing and attach it on that. and then flip it over and do it again, same speed, but opposite. Or attach from above. Basically layer the two videos, match, and matte.


Or get a 3D CG model.

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Guest Owen Parker

To be that good I would suggest your sample is CGI photoreal.


If that's not an option you could try a micro filament attached at the back of the aid with a dab of glue.

Light it carefuly, shoot from slightly below and remove the wire in post.

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