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Dumb question

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I have a Krasnogorsk-3 camera that I purchased for cheap at an estate sale. I have no idea how to shoot on film and have absolutely no experience with film cameras. I had a stupid question. Can you shoot on used film? The Krasnogorsk-3 calls for 100 ft. Daylight film spools. Thanks!

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The only dumb question is the unasked question.


No you cannot re-use film. Once it's been exposed/developed it is over with. You can do double exposure, but let's not get into that just yet.

You'll want to get "fresh" film, be that directly from kodak or what are called "ends and re-cans" which is film which was purchased for another project, not used, and then resold for less.

It is very important, normally to get film whose providence you know (e.g. not buying stuff off of ebay unless you know what you're doing and how the film was stored) or else you'll have a lot of very grainy and/or unusable stock on your hands.

I would recommend giving a call to the Kodak rep who handles your area. Let them know you just got a new film camera and are looking into shooting with film. They'll point you in the right direction and if you play your cards right might even send you a few test spools.


And for everything else, welcome to cinematography.com, ask away.

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We've all been there. Hell I'd show you the first bit of film I ever rolled, but thankfully it was so over-exposed it came out looking like clear leader ;)


Haha... ditto that Adrian... My first roll of Super 8 (about age 9 or 10) was all indoors with bright lit windows behind it. Everything outside the windows looked great. Still not sure who any of the people are though. LOL

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Not really. Yes you can sync sound to it; but it's not crystal controlled (that only happens with cameras with a crystal motor) and it's pretty loud. You have the same issues with, say a Bolex. If you want sync 16mm you should be looking into Eclair NPRs, and ACLs, Aatons, and Arri BL16 (not recommended as it requires lens blimping) and Arri SR series. The Aatons are a good bet, normally as many will already be Super16mm or can easily be converted to S16mm. Same with the Eclair, from which the Aatons base their designs. The SRs from Arri are fantastic as well, with the SR2 and 3 being the better ones-- the SR3 being the only one to come from the factory as S16mm though many SR1s and 2s have been converted as of late. There is also the new Arri 416, but I've never seen one privately owned-- most are rental items and from what I hear pretty fantastic little cameras, though as I personally own a S16mm system I have had no reason to ever rent one.

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