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Using glass filters while shooting chromakey/color reflections


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Hello everyone!

I'm planning to do my first chromakey shooting, and, essentially, I've got couple of questions


1. Do I need to use any of glass filters to enhance the incoming quality of image ( I mean like polarising filters, when shooting outside )

2. I suggest that after litting the chroma, I might get green reflections on all objects within a frame - is this suggestion correct ? If yes - then my first question, but a bit refrased - how can I cut all the unwanted color shifts and casts ?


Main object's color is going to be medium gray/black,

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you can control the green reflections with negative fill and/or bouncing white light to the shadows, if the object's surface is not too shiny. The shadow areas and hair are usually the biggest problem with green screen, along with the reflections.

I usually try to reduce reflections from shiny surfaces (tables, etc) , when camera is not moving much, by placing flags behind the object in critical areas, leaving just a necessary area of green around the edges of the object in places where the reflections are otherwise worst. Then, the object reflects the black surface of the flags (or any other surface: bounceboard, etc.) and does not need extensive work in keying...

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