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DP W RED SCARLET Promotion $ 700 Day ( not insurance necessary )

Diego Torroija

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RED Camera (Scarlet-X) Camera Package W/ Lenses. ( not insurance necessary )

Hello, I'm a Cinematographer / AC based out of LA and I travel anywhere. I want to learn about your project as I look for best ways to contribute.

Demo Reel: http://www.usphotograph.com
Please Contact via website or Cell: 310-936-619 four

Red Scarlet-X 4K package w / Great lenses $350/Day ( Promotional offer )
I can DP or AC, Day rate $350. ( Promotional offer )
List of gear http://diegotorroija.com/portfolio-2/gear/
Also available, sliders, steady cam, lights, grip gear, sound gear.

Clients include: Puma, PGA, Holiday Inn, Orbitz, Intel, Clairol, Rooms To Go, and more

post-64357-0-52391200-1391232551_thumb.jpg, Camera Operator, cinematographer, Videographer, D.I.T, 1st Ac, Red Epic, Red One camera, Red Scarlet music video, shorts, commercial, Feature films, Steadicam, Canon 7D, 5D Mark III, camera slider, Dolly, Red one camera, Red epic, Red scarlet, HMI, Tungsten, Kino Flo, Hvx200, DVX 200, Sony, Canon 7D Canon 5D Dslr Arri fresnel C stands Red Epic Scarlet Dolly camera HD gaffer cinematographer DP, slider zip lights Led lights flat head 80 lights grip flags apple box light stands joker source four Hmi Par mathews dolly Idx V mount batteries HVX 200 tripod fluid head storm case HVX 200 Red One Camera, Designed, Red Charger, Red Monitor Ikan zip lights Arri tube

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