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Really proud of this short we made: "From the Woods"

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Sharing a short film we just posted online, just in time for the NCAA tournament.


I shot Alexa 4444 2k, superspeeds wide open most of the time. Some of our influences were a little Savides meets Soderbergh with a dash of Fincher.


My friend Andrew Lewis Directed, Nice Dissolve in Brooklyn did the Color. Kyle Fasanella on steadicam.


A confrontation with an old rival makes Zack Woods a media sensation hours before leading his underdog team into Game One of March Madness.



Let me know what you think and enjoy!


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Thanks Kieran,


The interiors are mainly small units dimmed way down, one was a overhead globe with a muslin droop and a duve skirt and the other was a 300 rigged high and then adjusted for the close ups. Brought the sources in closer and softer for the close work. Really just supplemented the practicals and let the faces go dark and edgy.


Took as much off the walls by skirts, teasers, and flags whenever possible. Some negative fill here and there.

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Hi John, nice job and nice to meet you here! I was looking for some hints on lighting and I found your name in the main page :)


So, I watched the short which is great. I like the close-ups on TV at the beginning, I would have been even harder on tv pixels. I am curious about the last zoom-in, I like it a lot, did you want to mimic TV style zoom? Much to learn from you.


Your First AC was great! Say hi to him!

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ALEX! How are you Buddy!?? Thanks for the kind words. The last zoom was indeed to mimic TV style. Although you probably wouldn't ever see it on a broadcast like that. It came from the idea that he's now the one to watch, how he's essentially become what he disliked before, by no fault of his own.


I will tell Htat hi for you and keep in touch man!



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