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Exposing for RAW view mode or RLF/RC2 view mode?

Robert Gardner

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Hi all,


I have a question about getting the right exposure when shooting with the Epic.


Let's say I am shooting at 800 ISO and my lightmeter reading gives me T. 5.6.

I set my lense accordingly also using false color and zebra do tune my exposre slightly.

It all looks great when I am in the RLF/RC2 view mode. Once I switch to RAW view mode everything looks underexposed.

Is that because RAW brings everything down to 320 ISO?

Should I expose for the RAW? When I expose for the RAW and play it back, everything seem way overexposed!


Not sure what I should be exposing for. New to the Red, so any tips are highly appreciated.


Many Thanks,



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Well Raw is just showing you the unprocesed image. Personally I look at Raw sometimes, but kind of rarely. I believe native on the epic is 800, so you'd want to set for that, at least I always rate at 800 and it all turns out fine.

It's slightly a matter of preference, though-- and kind of film specific, so i'd recommend shooting some tests at varying isos, such as latitude tests, and some real world footage, and bringing it all through your post workflow.

But again I always keep the epic @ 800 myself. I'll only look @ raw when I am curious about a specific thing in the image.

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