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Who's left that can cheaply transfer B&W reversal?

Matt Stevens

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Well, the market continues to shrink as a number of places that developed or transferred reversal have closed shop. In particular, places that offered inexpensive transfer/scans ($25 a roll or less) with no minimum have ceased to exist.


As you may know I received my camera back from Willard Engineering after much wrangling and will have to do some tests. I shot one cartridge of Tri-X already and will shoot another this weekend.


But these are test rolls. I just need to see if the camera is working properly. I do not have access to a projector so I will need them transferred.


Any recommendations? Other than cvsprofessionals (who may no longer be in business) the places I see have minimum requirements or want you to buy a hard drive. It cannot be anywhere that has minimum time or roll requirement. 100ft wouldn't come close to making that worthwhile.


Thanks in advance.

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Matt- I do one roll minimums at $15 per roll plus return shipping.
There is a Tri-X sample but it has some grain reduction. You can get a TIFF sequence 720 or 1080P but will need to send some kind of storage device with the reel. Spectra Film does good B&W processing.

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Our rates are in line with what you're looking for, for 2k scans, not HD (we can do HD, too, but there's little point unless your film is shot widescreen). No minimum for camera test reels or for students, but we do have a 100' minimum for normal orders. You can supply your own hard drive, and there are no fees for copying the files. DPX, TIFF, Quicktime, whatever you need. Turnaround time is generally 24 hours for small orders.


PM me if you want more info, or send me an email through our web site (the contact form goes directly to me).



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