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NAC 16MM High Speed Camera

Wolfgang Meyer

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Hello, I just bought a NAC 16mm High Speed Camera. I got it for a bargain price and the camera is in mint shape and everything functions. I was wondering if anyone has used this camera before? I'm looking to use it for a 16mm demo I'm making for the opening scene. I want to shoot some slow motion of the opening scene to add into the super 16mm footage. I also have searched and even contacted NAC and they have nothing to offer on maintenance on the camera. I noticed there is a oil hole and I'm only looking to go up to 500 fps or maybe 1000 fps the highest. Any other info on this camera would be great to know or if anyone knows anything about the camera besides the small info online and in the owners manual which has nothing to offer. Thanks


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Your NAC E-10 was built by Photo-Sonics in California. It is still listed in their rental catalog and it would be worthwhile to contact them regarding manuals. They have been very helpful in that manner with my PAM 500, i.e. http://www.photosonics.com/pdf/Photo-Sonics%20Rental%20Dept%20Catalog%202008.pdf


I am not sure of the exact implementation but it appears that the transport is a combination of


1. intermittent (requires 16MM DOUBLE PERFORATIONS (2R), .2994 PITCH film stock) - I believe Kodak still has 500T2 perf listed.

2. rotary prism - "frame blending" http://www.photosonics.com/high_speed_article_by_conrad_kiel.html


The rotary prism allows the insanely high spec'd frame rates of your camera but at the cost of resolution. There is no frameline. Pure classic intermittent high speed transports w/ pin registers are the sharpest. But with obvious top speed limitation of 500 fps. I have potential access to a 1000 fps 16mm intermittent camera but that is a very rare beast indeed and quite exotic.


Can you afford stock costs at 500-1000fps? I personally prefer the slightly dreamy effect of 48 fps and I intend to utilize my PAM 500 as a tack sharp (double pulldown - double pin register) "low speed" camera.


Best of luck with your endeavours.


Keep us posted. And thanks for shooting film.



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Nicholas, Thank you for the information on the camera. I was able to understand some things I had in my list of questions about the camera. I have a enough in the budget for the demo being shot to get the film stock. I'm going to purchase my film stock for the whole project very soon. I have a explosion of fire in the background for the opening sequence of the trailer or teaser demo and I really wanted to capture some of it with the camera. Some of the info links you provided really helps me out more cause I was speaking to a rep at NAC and they just had no info on the camera and now knowing Photo-Sonics can provide some info if needed will be a major help if I run into a issue.


I'm planning on shooting the demo trailer soon and I'll def keep a update on it. I really love film and i've been working slowly to get back to shooting it more cause I've shot a bunch of digital films and it really isn't the same with results on visual. I mean sure it looks good with good glass but still feels flat to me when I see the end results after post. I really want to support film and push more people to go with film over digital with certain films or projects.


Last summer we shot a short film, we used a RED Epic and the DP had a old handheld 35mm Eyemo I believe, the director used a bunch of the 35mm footage cause it looked better and the detail was so much more. I support film and I'm going to do everything I can to work back on it and with it.


Thanks for the help and will keep you posted on the results. Best Wolfgang

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Keep in mind that the Vision3 500T Koadk makes with 2 perfs is sold in 400' loads with a 20 piece minimum order (roughly $3700). And you still have to roll it onto daylight loads to get it to work!


Spectra might have some double perf left in 100' loads.


You'll probably do better contacting them.


Let us know how it turns out. I have a Redlake LOCAM I've never used beacuse getting double perf is such a pain.

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One of the best sources for the required 2 perf 16mm .3000 or .2996 pitch film stock is eBay. It pops up consistently and is adequate for low cost experimentation of your transport, i.e. http://tinyurl.com/l8r36oh I would dedicate a smaller roll as a daylight loaded "dummy" roll to practice threading and test your transport under various frame rates.

I have an alternative to the minimum Kodak purchase requirements which entails re-manufacturing single perf 16mm or 35mm stock if need be. Keep us posted.
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Yes I don't need 20 rolls for this shoot. I def need just 3 to 4 max 400ft. rolls. For the fire explosion effect for the demo trailer I'll only have two take chances to shoot it with this camera. I'm going to buy one roll to do a camera test which would be good like you said to get use to loading and also see how it works for the camera test. I just bought a really nice lens for the camera off Ebay. Thats the good thing is there is plenty of C-Mounts on Ebay.


Thanks for the film stock tips and I'll post a link once I get through the process of doing the camera test.


The funny part is even if I had to buy 20 rolls I still would be under in the budget price I got for the Phantom set up with lens and all the extra cost to have one the day this effect scene would be shot. My friend gave me the so called "FRIEND RATE" and it still added up to just over 5 grand. Camera, Lens, Camera extras, Insurance for the camera, the assistant to help him etc. So right now I'm winning by owning the NAC 16 which I got for under 400 bucks and have a nice pair of O'Conner sticks with head. I also own some of the other equipment, it basically comes down to buying the film stock and getting processing etc done. But once again thanks for the tips and I'm so looking forward to shooting this and seeing the results and being able to share them.

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I have three Milliken DBM 16mm cameras, it is a bit of work by you could think about taking the NAC apart and modifying it for single perf. The Milliken cameras were modded this way and there are some Super-16 ones out there, single perf lowers the max frame rate to about 350 fps on the DBM I would think it is similar on the NAC, I have thought about taking one of my Hycams apart to try to mod for single perf but the drive sprocket is titanium and hard to machine.

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