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Recommendations for AC Toolkit Bags

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Hello All,

I'm currently looking to buy a new bag to use for all of my tools/equipment I carry around for Camera Assisting. I like the idea of multiple large pockets on the outside of the bag. Right now I haven't been carrying too much but I know I will be in the future, so I'd like to buy something that'd last.


What bags/brands would you recommend?


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I have the Large sized Arri Production Unit Bag. It's kind of expensive but it is one solid of a bag. It does have large pockets around the outside like you are looking for and one pocket on the back that is perfect for things such as space blankets. The only downside to the bag is that the main compartment is just one open space. It'd be nice if it had seperate compartments or pouches along the inside. Overall, I love it!

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In the interest of full disclosure my company sells bags… I am also working with a company based in Europe who has made the highest quality bags for another industry for more than a decade and is looking to launch a new brand and line of bags for motion picture, and they are inviting feedback.


What is it that you like/love about a particular bag or what is missing from other bags out there that you would like to see?


I have a list myself, but I'd be interested to hear what others think before I send an email with a "wish list".




Illya Friedman


Hot Rod Cameras

Hollywood, CA


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Hopefully it is not too late to write here!


I have the big Arri standby bag, probably the same as Erik :), and the Panavision Large AC Bag and although the Arri one is great and I would say: "Buy it", if you have different options to choose from, the better.


Pros Arribag

- It is big, it has two big pockets on the lateral sides where you can put marks, chalk, chains, whatever. It has also 1 big pocket in the front where you can put covers and etc.

And also it has 2 little pockets in the front where you can place air bottles and water. Very handy!

In the back, it has a big pocket (which can be tightened) where you can put the camera report notebook or whatever you want to put.

On top of the bag you will find an elastic band / strap, perfect to put the space blanket inside so it doesn't take space in any pocket.

- It is very very resistant.

- It is going to last all your life, I have mine since 2009 and it has travelled with me around the world, in loads of extreme conditions and it is even newer than before :D


Cons Arribag

- It is big! so if you plan on carry it on from location to location without using a magliner and it is full of things.. it is going to be heavy, very heavy!

- There are 6 pockets in the interior and they are useless, if you want to store something inside you better create a zip or a button for the pockets so they don't get opened when you open the bag (it happened to me several times until I put a zip in them)

- The space in the interior of the bag can be separated by two dividers; unless you use some Velcro to attach them stronger in the interior of the bag they will move if you place things without being careful.


All in all, it is a fantastic bag, however, if you have a chance to take a look at the Panavision ones, go and see them because you will find that they are better organized, they are a bit cheaper, just a tad smaller (which is very good if you have to carry it around) and the pockets in the top of the bag are just perfect.


Take a look at the Panavision Large AC Bag



I use both (A Camera / B Camera) but if I have to get just one, I use the Panavision one.


On the other hand, the Arri Small Bag is absolutely amazing for things like Prestons and such. I find it very very useful! much better than the Small Panavision Bag.



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If you want the Arri ones, go to the following websites:


Arri CSC Store





It is the new model (with new dividers yeah!!!)


Arri Media



I got my Arri from Arri Media in London.


If you want the Panavision ones, please go to the following link:





Have a good day!

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Thank you for the recommendations, everyone. I have been looking into bags such as the large Arri/Panavision/Cinebag/Modular 51 bags, but these brands are just out of my price range currently. I was wondering if the products' quality make up for the price tag, (would they last me years and years) or if I would be able to find similar bags for cheaper that would serve the purpose just as well? I would be using a bag of this type for various "just in case," "extra," and "camera AKS," accessories and supplies I may want to carry around to ensure preparation for all different kinds of scenarios and needs.

I did recently purchase a new run-bag, a Custom Leathercraft 16" bag and I love it.

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