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FRONT BOX for lower end Tripods

Jordan-Rhys Jenkins

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I want to make something that I can hang on the legs of my little Vinten tripod.


On smaller stuff, the slightly-variable weight loaded into a box would, I fear, cause issues. But I am very familiar with that desire for a place to put things.


I have a "set box" full of useful stuff that tends to sit under the tripod.



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Personally, as an 1st AC, I've never worked on any film in which we used tripods

without the front box mount. Having said that, the fluid heads have always been

O'Connors or Sacthler 9+9s.


If the front box interferes with a shot, it can be removed in only a second. What

I don't keep in the front box stays on my belt or in my set bag.


-Jerry Murrel

Little Rock, AR

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As am operator, I don't like front boxes. I usually ask to remove them, as they sometimes interfere with the operation of the camera.

Just my little thought of the day...

I know more DPs who complain about front boxes until they realize they can stash their meter in it! : )

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