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Footage counter broken on Canon Auto Zoom 814?

Virginia Spoo

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I've recently purchased a Canon auto zoom 814 (not the electric version) with two rolls of Ektachrome 160 from Ebay with a guarantee that it was completely functioning. I loaded in the correct voltage Wein Cell batteries for the exposure meter and AA batteries and decided to load in one of the rolls of film to shoot a test roll. I made sure I put the cartridge in the correct way and securely, and when I pressed the shutter lever it seemed as though it was filming. However, when I checked the footage counter the little needle didn't move at all, making me worry that none of my film is actually being exposed. I tried opening the compartment and taking out the cartridge and putting it back in, which I thought worked because I swore the needle moved a little when I pressed the lever, but I went out today to shoot and the needle didn't move at all the entire time I shot. Could the dial just be broken and the camera actually be exposing the film or is there some other issue with my camera/ none of the footage actually getting exposed??


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Could be either. I have a similar issue. I just marked the film with a sharpie at two different places, then ran it through to see if the film was advancing. It was. It's quite likely on a 30 plus year old camera that the needle is broken but everything else works.

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