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Nizo 6080 Sharpness vs. 801M, 814XL-s, etc.

Lee Towndrow

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I'm curious about everyone's experience with the NIZO 6080 when it comes to lens sharpness, resolution, etc.


I'm about to shoot a short film, sync sound. Stock will likely be k40, but may go with 200T/500T based on some tests I'm about to do.


I have been using a NIZO 801 Macro and love it. Just bought a 6080 because the 801's too loud for syncsound. Camera is already on its way to filmgroup for crystal mod. Looking over the tests again that I ran on the 6080 it seems a little softer than the 801 (even at f5.6). Granted I was using 7240 to test because I wanted quick results and was mainly checking for camera function, registration, etc. I naively assumed the lens would be similar if not identical in terms of sharpness to the 801.


Is it?


If I shoot k40 on this film will I wind up with sharpness and detail comparable to the 801 Macro or, say the 814XL-s? If not, is there a huge difference in image quality?


What are everyone's experiences in this regard.

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The 6080 uses a Schneider Variogon lens. The S715 uses an Angenieux. The Angenieux in the S715 is known to provide sharper images. You can check some studies done here in the past:


Lens Review


The 6080's strength is its silence. It is probably the quietest S8 camera ever produced together with his smaller siblings because they use a rubber belt that drives the shutter and claw from the motor. It can also be their weakness because these tend to stretch overtime and hard to replace.

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I think the Optics of the Beaulieu, Canon and Nizo are generally on par. The issue of softness really relates to collimation and alignment of the lens to the body. Also, the quality of lenses in every brand have significant differences when they are mass produced (remember, they are not Primo lenses). Some of them are lemons and others are perfect. There are many that are just in between.


With this in mind, I prefer the Canon 1014 XLS or 814 XLS because they are far more reliable than the Nizo 6080 or Beaulieu cameras.


The goal, for me, is to find the best possible lens that came out of the factory on the 1014. Then, try to maintain good collimation to the body.

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I'm 99% positive the 6080 & 801 have the exact same lens (I've owned both cameras).

The Bauer 715XL-S is a completely different lens (the Angeniuex 6-90, which I've also owned).


The 6080 is very sharp. if there's any difference at all between that and any other camera, it's miniscule, and certainly not worth sacrificing the near-silent nature of that camera.

No other S8 camera comes close to the 6080 is being quiet.



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The 801 and the 6080 are both 80mm lens, but the 6080 has a larger thread. As for sound, there was a blimp made for the 801 and Professional that deadened the whirring sound, but one wasn't made for the 6080, 4080, etc. cameras.

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Hi there

I've just purchased a Braun Nizo 6080 and a Beaulieu 6008s as I want to shoot a film with two cameras shooting the same scene but from different angle.

I think that I can grade the footage once telecined , what do you all think ?

All the best

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Hello, This question might be better served as its own topic. 

I've owned both cameras you've mentioned. 

The big difference between the looks of the two cameras will be the shutter speeds. 

The Nizo has a 220 degree shutter , 1/39th , and will show a lot more motion blur. 

The Beaulieu has a quicker guillotine shutter and will look somewhat strobe like.

1/96th (normal) or 1'60th (LL)

If it's an action scene, it'll be more obvious.

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