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San Disk extreme pro vs San Disk Extreme

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i'm in the market for some new memory cards for my Canon C100, I'm looking at the San Disk Extreme pro 32gb @ 95mb/s and the San Disk extreme 32gb @ 45mb/s.


does anyone have any advice on these two products, plus maybe some advice on storage size?




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I use two 32 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro cards in my c100 as a backup for the Odyssey7 recording externally. I haven't had an issue in the previous two years I've been shooting internally to the SD cards. I prefer the faster cards for no other reason than transfer of video to reduce offload times and see my dailies faster. I haven't seen any performance difference with the regular SanDisk Extreme vs. Extreme Pro as far as recording issues. I remember my T2i would overheat easier with cheaper cards, but I haven't had to use cheaper cards in the C100 so I can't compare fairly.

Capacity wise, I prefer the 32 GB over 64 GB cards because that is a lot of AVCHD eggs in one basket otherwise.

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