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How to mount a black magic in front of a car to shoot the inside when the car is moving?

Juan Manuel Cotes

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We are making a short, and we need a scene of two guys talking while driving (at night), I have two desperate questions.


How can we rig the camera to the car (outside in front)?


If we dont have polarizing filter the shoot will look very bad (because of windows)?


We have a car, a black magic and NOTHING ELSE!, if you guys can give ideas on how to solve this the cheapest way, we will be very thankful.



Sorry for my english, not my first language.

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What you're looking for is something like a Hood Mount-- they are a pretty cheap rental-- though you absolutely need to have someone working with you who knows how to put the thing together, especially if you're driving at speed. There are also suction cup mounts-- but they are much less reliable, in my experience, the than reatched strap versions.

You'll want a pola filter, to cut down on reflections and you'll also probably still need to light the talent in your car somehow .


A low budget solution is to not rig to the hood of the car at all and shoot "french overs" which is a 3/4 over the shoulder of the character talking from the rear seat of the car.



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