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Milliken DBM-4c Help

Cody Ryan

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Hi Guys,

Just picked up this Milliken for $30 figured I give it a shot. Had some questions about the wiring. It has this cable coming out of the front and a Hi Lo Off switch on the back. Haven't seen any of them with this and was wondering if this camera has had any rewiring. Also what they are for. I assume that the cable might be for power if it has been rewired. Thought I check with you guys first before I did anything with it.


Thanks Cody






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I wonder if the 4-pin was for some kind of lens control. The Hi-Lo switch might be a speed range selector.

IIRC the medium-speed cameras usually have just the one cable for power, control and timing lights. It's the high-speeds that need a separate power inlet for the higher current.

BTW we called up to 500pps medium-speed, not high, so that would cover the Milliken.

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